Announcing a Massive Lithium Paradigm Shift

Scientists have discovered that low dose pharmaceutical lithium (RxLi) is as effective as high dose RxLi!! (January 2012)(1)

Those of us administering Lithium Orotate (LO) have been pointing out this fact for decades!

For over 50 years the Pharma-cartel has poisoned Americans with massive toxic doses of RxLi, causing harsh reactions, (kidney disease, adverse reactions & side effects) amongst tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of patients.

This caused the ‘word on the street’ to be that lithium is a dangerous toxic drug that you have to continually monitor with blood and urine samples the rest of your life or you may DIE! This is the greatest myth about lithium.

Long term control: “Serum Lithium levels in uncomplicated cases receiving maintenance therapy during remission should be monitored at least every two months.” (2)

“Patients abnormally sensitive to Lithium may exhibit toxic signs at serum levels of 1.0 to 1.5 mEq/l. (equivalent to 200-400mg EL). Elderly patients often respond to reduced dosage, and may exhibit signs of toxicity at serum levels ordinarily tolerated by other patients.” (2)

The leaders of mainstream psychiatry have trained all of the medical doctors within the U.S. that lithium MUST be dosed right up to the point of or just below the point of lithium toxicity, to be effective, or the patient could instantly relapse into bipolar psychosis. (This is the greatest myth about lithium.)

The Word on the Street:Lithium poisoning occurs frequently, since it is used in a population at high risk for overdose. Furthermore, lithium has a relatively narrow therapeutic index (narrow dosing range) that predisposes patients on chronic lithium maintenance treatment to poisoning with relatively minor changes in medications or health status.” See (toxic therapeutic doses) (3) (This is the greatest myth about lithium.)

This my fellow Americans is at the very least, one of the biggest misunderstandings modern medicine has ever served up, or clearly is one of the biggest screw-jobs ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting American psychiatric population.

My research has led me to an absolute belief, that this is an absolute LIE that was conceived with the express intent of controlling the lithium narrative, which the doctors and public would hear.   

For you conspiracy theorists out there, I want to be absolutely clear with you and everyone else on this point.  This is not a theory, this is a conspiracy fact.

This lie has been told from the very beginning with malevolent intent by the insiders at the top of the Pharma-cartel controlling the dissemination of lithium administration rules and regulations.


Today we have absolute proof that you do not have to take toxic doses of RxLi to be free of depression and or mania.

Here it is folks!

No correlation between lithium serum levels and psychopathological features during the euthymic interval of patients with recurrent affective disorder. (Lewitzka et. al.2012) (1)

“Study included 54 patients…” “The observation period lasted for 2 years and included 332 visits.”

23 bipolar patients and 31 with major depression (aka ‘recurrent affective disorder’) were analyzed.

Lithium blood levels were monitored and “Were calculated on an individual patient basis and on a group basis to reveal generally occurring correlations.  Visits consisted of a detailed interview, a continuous measurement of lithium levels and the collection of validated scales including HAMD, YMRS, CGI, VAMS and the SCL-90R.”

DISCUSSION:  “Higher lithium levels were not associated with an improved psycho-pathlogical status…”, “According to the literature there is currently no strong evidence to treat patients with a higher lithium level. It is recommended to start with a lower level and to continue with individual adjustments in accordance to prophylactic efficacy and tolerability.” (1)

The first good example of this paradigm shift was published in 2010 during a study of adding low dose (56mg – 85mg) elemental lithium (EL) to a common antidepressant. Remember 100mg of RxLi contains 18.8mg of pure (elemental) lithium. The researchers stated:

Patients were “…given lithium carbonate in low dosage (300-450 mg/day).” (56mg – 85mg EL)

Our results show that treatment augmentation with low lithium dosage may be as effective as augmentation with higher dosage, is well tolerated and does not necessitate monitoring of plasma level. Hence, an initial trial of augmentation at low dosage lithium may be the preferred first choice…” (4)

The blood lithium levels were so low that the patients did not require lab monitoring of their lithium blood (plasma) levels. The authors reported “No troublesome side effects were reported.”  (Alevizos et. al., 2010) (4)

When Dr. Hans Neiper first revealed his breakthrough organic lithium salt (Lithium Orotate) for the management of mood disorders, he discovered that severely affected patients were converting from RxLi doses in the hundreds of milligrams (mg) of pure elemental lithium (EL) to tens of mgs EL via Lithium Orotate and enjoying full protection against severe mood disturbances with no side effects.

Dr. Neiper came to the conclusion that Lithium Orotate was approximately 14 times more absorbable aka bioavailable than RxLi. He announced this idea publicly. Dr. Neiper’ clinical research led him to make the statement that he believed he was able to get these clinical results through maximum absorption, bio-availability, uptake and utilization of virtually 100% of the lithium ion. He believed he had found in orotic acid (Orotate) the body’s supreme mineral transport system.

With regard to treating various medical conditions with LO, he stated that the amount of LO needed to get the same or superior clinical results as Pharma-Li was approximately 7% or 1/14th of the concentration of Pharma-Li for treatment of the same condition.  Dr. Nieper was confident that LO was 10-15 times more absorbable than the Pharma-Li.

All of my research has brought me to this fantastic conclusion. With Lithium Orotate we have a total breakthrough for all of humanity to defeat stress-induced health problems and to begin healing their central nervous system, without side effects, adverse reactions and blood monitoring.


Dr. Mark Millar
The Lithium Doctor™




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